The Most Life-Changing Technology Ever

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Everyone uses their fair share of laptops, PC’s, and smartphones in their day-to-day lives.  Although, reading can be completed on all of these pieces of technology, the Kindle is one of my best investments.  Not the Kindle Fire, but the e-reader series including the regular Kindle, the Kindle Paperwhite, and the Kindle Oasis.  These devices provide a sense of convenience, budget-efficiency,  and features that enchance the reading experience.  The backlit e-ink display, makes it seems like you are reading a real book, with no negative impact on your eyes.  These devices are highly optimal for people who wish to read more.


It is so easy to read more with a Kindle because of how convinient it is.  Initially, you can practically read in any environment because of the device’s e-ink display and water-resistance.  There are many times when I find myself reading in the pool because the display does not produce sun glare.  As stated above, it is just like reading on real paper.  Furthermore, I can see times when many people would want to read in the back, but couldn’t because they do not want to drop the book; this is not a problem with a Kindle!  Ultimately, the device is very sturdy, and restistant so it can be read anywhere.

The kindle is very portable and its back lit display increases its convenience.   Every night before I go to bed I have made it a habit to  read.  This was so easy to do because I did not have to bother with turning the light off whenever I was done reading, and since it was so sturdy I would just leave the Kindle in my bed until the next morning.  Since it is so small, I can really bring it anywhere and just throw it in my bag.  Just the other day in between classes I was sitting in my car just reading.  All in all, the kindle is highly portable and the backlit display helps in the night time.

The devices firmware also makes it incredibly easier to buy new books, and develop a strong library.  Everything can be purchased through one tap and if you do not like a book, it is just as easy to return it.  Furthermore, all of your books are readily available if you want to go back and re-read something.


The Kindle $89.99:  This is the standard Kindle with the most basic features.  The screen is 167px per inch, with only 4GB of storage available, and no cellular data options.

The Kindle Paperwhite: $129.99: This is the middle-ground and my most recommended Kindle for casual readers.  The screen is 300px per inch with over double the storage of the original Kindle, and the option for cellular data.  Furthermore, the Paperwhite is water resistant which can increase the devices convenience.  This was my first Kindle, and I never had any problems with it; it was sturdy, and it felt like I was reading on high-end device.

The Kindle Oasis: $249.99: This is my personal device and the one I would highly recommend if you can afford it.  It has all of the same features of the Paperwhite, with buttons on the side and a bigger screen.  It is definitely  a higher price point, that I believe you should only pay for if you are positive the device for you.


Each Kindle has a variety of features readily available in the firmware.  The most significant one to me is highlighting.  While I am reading if there is something I want to remember, or a quote I really like, then I can highlight it and export it later.  Furthermore, I can add notes to my highlights, although the keyboard is slow on earlier models, there is almost no delay in typing on the Kindle Oasis (my personal version).  This can significantly help you enhance your reading experience by remembering things you have read.

Each Kindle also has a built-in dictionary, web-browser, and x-ray mode.  If you highlight a singular term in  the text, then the dictionary will come up.  Furthermore, there will be another tab for a Wikipedia link to help you understand further than the dictionary definition.  For Fiction titles, the x-ray mode will provide the background of characters and some of their minor details after highlighting.  This can help clalrify descriptions of smaller side characters, or help refresh your mind if it has been a while since your last read.

One of my personal favorites is the built in Goodreads application.  This allows you to rate all of your books after you read them, and view suggestion by your friends and favorite authors.  Although I do not write reviews on the site, I do appreciate scrolling through and looking for new titles to read.  Sometimes if I am struggling to find a new book, I can find it rather quickly with this application.


Buying a Kindle was one of the most impactful devices in my life.  For starters I would recommend just a basic Kindle Paperwhite.  I personally own the Oasis, but it is a little pricy for your first e-reader.  The convenience of portability of the device allow me to read more, without having to make time in my day to read.  I read a lot more, and have made it a habit that I could not have done using just physical books.