Destiny of Decluttering Through Minimalism

2 minute read

Everyone has that random boost of motivation to take time out of their day to declutter, but how can you stay organized all of the time.  I am a strong believer in a very cliché saying “less is more”.  With less stuff, you will have more space, and less distractions to maximize efficiency.  This is coined by a term called minimalism, where you try to minimize the materialistic distractions in your life to find a deeper meaning.

How to Achieve a Minimal Lifestyle

A common misconception of minimalism is that you need to declutter everything.  However, if there is this random item in your house that you really really really like, then just do not get rid of it.  It is really just that simple.

The first step is to set rules for yourself,  decide whether you want to minimalize your inner circle,  your living space, or your desires.  Sometimes its better to be close with only a few people, instead of having many friends.   Likewise, using a smaller more efficient apartment could workout better than a mansion with a lot of randos.

Try to be more organizational of the few things you do have.  It will be easier to focus on your true goals with clutter in your way.  The less stuff you have will make it extremely easy to organize as well

Digitally Decluttering

As technology becomes a focal point in our changing world, we must know how to establish a digital minimalism.  For our cellphones, making folders is a great way for organization.  I also recommend turning notifications off to ensure a distraction free environment.  Since many people are not willing to give up social media, hiding it in an inconvenient location and just trying to minimize your time on the apps should suffice.

Similarily, organizing our laptops is arguably the most efficient form of decluttering. Take the time to organize your files, delete unneeded applications.  And try to use less tabs in the workplace.


Our lives are very hectic on a day-to-day basis.  Decluttering is the best way to let up distractions and focus on our goals and desires.  The best way to do this is through digital and realistic minimalism