The Importance of Reading

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Have you ever sat outside and really gotten into a good book.  Adults tend to grow out of reading even if they enjoyed it as children.  Others use reading as a minor hobby or try to educate themselves about their interests.  General habit building skills will significantly help you start reading more.

Knowledge Through Fiction

A common misconception with reading is that the only way to learn more and develop your skills is through nonfiction writing.  Although I personally read many productivity and self-help books, I think learning through  literature is more beneficial.  The emotional attachment the writer applies to their characters gives a sense of investment and learning through their conflict.

For example, a recent book I have read The Midnight Library by Matt Haig taught a lot about the choices we make as people.  Although everyone has regrets, the choices we make are irreversible and could alter the course of our entire lives.  This alternated reality does not always mean a better reality; we should always try to make the best of our decisions.

There is an infinite amount of content you can find and enjoy through fiction and literature.  There is always something to learn from a good character that struggles through adversity.

Building The Habit

I could explain why you should want to read all day long, but a lot of people still won’t.  Although they might for a few days, the habit will fall quickly.  I talk a lot about habit building on this blog and to read I follow the same simple steps

Always start your reading goals small, even if its only 15 minutes a day.  I promise that the hardest thing to do is start.

After approximately 21 days,  it will become efforless to read everyday.  It will eventually come to a point where it is harder not to read.  I developed this after I purchased my Kindle.  Every night before I went to bed I would read, even if it was only two pages.  Now, instead of scrolling through Tik-Tok before I go to bed, I read anything that I find interesting.

Finding the Right Book

The most deciding habit-breaker is reading a bad book.  The best way to handle this situation, is to just stop reading it and read something else.  If the genre does not interest you has a whole, try to find your niche.  Maybe Romance is not your style, and you need a little bit more of a thriller or fantasy book.  In essence, you just need to follow a simple rule of thumb, if you do not like a book do not read it.

To find a new book to read I usually just wonder around my local bookstore until I see a cool book.  They always say to “never judge a book by its cover”, but honestly, I always do that.

Goodreads is another great way to receive recommendations and see lists by your favorite authors.  After reading a few books, the application will make personal recommendations based on your ratings.  Furthermore, you can see reviews on books you have on your “want-to-read” list to see how other people feel about them.  I use this program primarily on my Kindle, as it is very accessible and I can find books I enjoy.

Going Digital

Initially, some people rely on audiobooks to get their daily source of knowledge.  These are acceptable while cooking, commuting, or even while you’re in the shower.  I personally do not use them because I prefer listening to music, but the benefits can be catered appropriately.

My best way of reading is with e-books.  Although you can use a phone or an IPad, I use an e-reader.  The Kindle oasis is my device of choice but you can find more information on these devices in this article.


Reading is something everyone needs to do in their spare time.   The only advice I have for choosing a book is that it is something they enjoy.  Although I prefer e-books, it is generally favorable to read physical books.  Even if your first few reads take a long time to finish, it is all about developing the habit.